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* Must contain 12 digits only without dash. eg: 901212005049
** This ID will be used as Username at Login.

* Must be 6 characters or more.
Scan MyKad

Press the first button and take a clear photo of the front of your MyKad. Next, press Confirm.


Press the first button and take a clear photo of yourself. Next, press Confirm.

Please read these instructions carefully to take your selfie. Selfies will be handled according to Singer’s Privacy Policy and will not be shared.
  1. Find a well-lit place so that the camera can accurately capture your face.
  2. Do ensure that you’re not under direct sunlight, so that your photo won’t be overly exposed.
  3. Do ensure that there are no rectangular-shaped objects in the background so it doesn’t confuse the camera.
  4. Hold your device about 20 to 50 cm with its front camera facing you.
  5. Ensure that you face the camera fully, and position your head within the screen.
  6. Remove any mask or sunglasses before taking your selfie.
  7. Ready to snap your shot? Lift your phone to eye level, and snap.
By continuing, I understand and agree that the data captured during this process will be used to verify my identity and execute credit assessment processes in relations to any business I may have with Singer (M) Sdn Bhd and/or Berjaya Credit Sdn Bhd. All information captured will be in accordance with our Privacy Policy

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